Contracting to develop african agriculture

Contracting to develop african agriculture

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Contracting to develop african agriculture

On Thursday, 13th December, 2018, Hamet Aguemon, Partner, was Panelist at Fondation Farm annual Forum on African Agriculture, at OECD. 

How and at which conditions can contracts between farmers and upstream/downstream companies in the food sector assist in the transformation of African agricultures towards more economic, social and environmental sustainability?

The objective was to deepen the conversation engaged in 2017 on the promises and pitfalls of contract farming in Africa, taking in account the conclusions of the FARM Foundation annual report.

Download the report 

Based on the testimonies of various experts and stakeholders in the agri-food sectors, the conference has discussed the links between contractualization and corporate social and environmental responsibility and present various examples of partnerships aimed at better integrating small-scale African producers into value, while reducing the pressure of agriculture on the environment.

Hamet Aguemon, Partner, has been invited to present SouthBridge’s inclusive financial solution to optimize agricultural value chain, under a blockchain financing platform with an existing contractual agreement with all the players (smart contract).

Download the SouthBridge concept note

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