Brazil Africa Forum 2021 to focus on natural resources and urgent actions to achieve sustainable development

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Brazil Africa Forum 2021 to focus on natural resources and urgent actions to achieve sustainable development

Fortaleza, Brazil, 20th October 2021 – In line with the urgent concerns of the current global agenda, the Brazil Africa Forum 2021 will make a call to action for the protection of natural resources and environmental awareness. Themed “Natural Resources: environmental protection and sustainable development” the event will be held on November 23rd and 24th.


Hosted by the Brazil Africa Institute and co-organized with SouthBridge Group, the Brazil Africa Forum repeats the successful 2020 virtual format when we remotely brought together more than 60 speakers, reaching an audience of more than 1,200 registered participants.


Held annually since 2013, BAF is considered the main space for debate between Brazilian and African leaders, fostering dialogue with actors from the two regions.


“In 2021 we will continue analyzing the effects of the pandemic, focusing on the necessary actions to halt the negative impacts on the exploitation of natural resources. We know that the eyes of the world are turned to major environmental challenges happening in Brazil and some African countries. We need to take responsibility for broadening this debate, establishing new bridges and fostering investments that can benefit both regions”, says the President of the Brazil Africa Institute, João Bosco Monte.


“Africa shares common characteristics with Brazil when it comes to natural resources, including the very important global responsibility of preserving and maintaining the role forests play as carbon sinks.  Furthermore, Africa and Brazil have the luxury of learning from mistakes and choosing to develop differently.  The role of innovative financing and development models aimed at consuming their vast natural resources in a manner that supports sustainable development is vital.  The debates at this forum go at the heart of the options and tradeoffs while sharing ideas, bringing investments, and uncovering emerging opportunities to benefit both regions and the world”, says Dr Frannie Leautier, Senior Partner, Southbridge.


Thematic axes


Natural resources, severely affected by the pandemic, are at risk of irreversible disruption if there are no concrete actions to stop exploration, invest in recovery and prevent future crises. The BAF 2021 agenda is divided into four axes, each addressing central themes for the natural resources agenda: land, water, forests and action.


Each axis will bring together the main stakeholders to discuss courses of action, public-private partnerships and solutions that can bring results for Brazil and African countries when dealing with their own challenges, as well as those shared globally.


The event will show, once again, that though connected only virtually, it is possible to strengthen dialogue, create opportunities, encourage investments and contribute to overcoming this unprecedented crisis.


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