CNBC interview with Mr Alli

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CNBC interview with Mr Alli

13 may 2020: CNBC’s Chris Bishop interviews our CEO, Andrew Alli on the impact of Covid-19 on African economies and the potential investment opportunities post the pandemic. Andrew speaks about how we are supporting a number of African governments manage the severe economic shocks brought about by the turbulent times as well as private sector investors drawing on our expertise to find for opportunities within Africa.


About SouthBridge:

SouthBridge is a pan-African financial services firm focused on investment banking, sovereign advisory, as well as on serving African and global corporates. SouthBridge’s greatest asset is the extensive knowledge of Africa and broad expertise to build bridges between global excellence and local knowledge. SouthBridge pride themselves on delivering its world class services to the following three key audiences:

  • African Champions: large scale African companies that have grown successfully and developed an international footprint, mainly in Africa, including corporates operating across borders and their related large transactions.
  • Sovereigns: governments and/or their respective agencies that are seeking financing from the international capital markets through privatisations, assisting them in managing their resources, restructuring their debts and raising funds for specific projects.
  • Global Multinationals: international companies which are seeking to expand into the dynamic African economy, or other non-African companies already doing business in Africa or interested in doing business in Africa.

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