Chief Investment Officer (CIO)

Aurore Catalan

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May 20, 2021

Chief Investment Officer (CIO)

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About Southbridge

SouthBridge is evolving a “merchant banking” model with a well-developed advisory services function (SBA) and an investment services arm, SouthBridge Investments (SBI).  

SBI’s main aim is to develop a set of vehicles that would leverage on its vast network; create additional sources of distribution and investment for its advisory work; generate annuities for the group; and provide long term returns to investors, staff and partners of the firm. Presently at startup stage, SBI is preparing to set up several specialized investment vehicles, launch a development fund, and extract opportunities from its advisory services that require setting up funds. 

In this context, SBI is searching for a highly motivated and talented individual to lead the work of the global investment portfolio. The position would operate from any of the 3 country offices – France, Rwanda or Cote d’Ivoire.

Key Responsibilities

Reporting to the CEO, the Chief Investment Officer (CIO) is a core member with primary responsibility for the global investment portfolio. S/he will double up as the first CEO of the funds being developed and therefore be heavily involved in setting the strategic focus for the organization and its portfolio and in fundraising for investing activities from donors and investors.

The Chief Investment Officer has overall responsibility for:

  • Oversight and direction of SBI’s investment portfolio, including quality control and investment approach;
  • Management of SBI’s Investment Committees, which include SBI’s CEO, Board of Directors, and several independent professionals;
  • Continued development of business practices and investment analysis within SBI;
  • Ongoing support and oversight for the development of progress and social impact indicators for portfolio investments and for the organization itself;
  • Fundraising through partner meetings, fundraising events, LP relationship management, high-profile public presentations and other activities.

The successful candidate will have the following job responsibilities:

  • With the CEO, work closely with the Directors and directly manage the Assistance Director of Portfolio and portfolio team in their work to find, structure, develop, support and monitor portfolio investments with an increased focus on appropriate investments;
  • With the Associate Director of Portfolio, co-ordinate portfolios and Investment Committee meetings to review and structure prospective investments, to report on investment progress and to discuss global portfolio strategy;
  • Raise funds and execute on SBI’s next stage of capital markets/investment fund offerings;
  • Collaborate with CEOs of various funds to coordinate the development of strong local investment committees (on which the CIO or Management Committee and global Investment Committee members will sit) to decentralize certain investment decisions;
  • Work closely with individual portfolio team members to coach them in diligence, deal structuring and post-investment management. 
  • With the CEO and the Associate Director of Portfolio, develop and deliver a coherent set of post-investment management resources including local Advisors, technical specialists, governance resources and peer to peer networks, that will help companies execute on their business models and grow;
  • Ensure that investment and portfolio performance is routinely assessed and that reports are prepared on a timely basis for the internal finance function, SBI’s donors and investors;
  • Ensure that the portfolio investment process is specific, efficient and followed. Propose adjustments as necessary to investees’ management teams;
  • With CEO, develop a strategy to identify new sources of capital and play an active role with donors/investors on both fundraising and discussions around the social impact and performance of our investments.

Management of SBI

  • Ensure adequate financial and social impact monitoring of portfolio companies as well as compliance with appropriate international and local regulations.
  • Work with the Director, Finance and Administration and CFO to strengthen internal management systems within the portfolio team.
  • Meet with donors and investors and prospective donors and investors to discuss the portfolio’s current and potential impact
  • Work with the entire SBI team to ensure a spirit of collaboration.
  • Monitor the SBI investment and business approaches to maximize social return and build financial sustainability.


Candidates for the CIO role should embody the organization’s core values: humility, listening, accountability, audacity, leadership, respect and integrity. In addition to alignment with the core values and attributes, we expect from the candidate to possess:

  • Best in class transactional experience in private equity or venture capital funds. 
  • A deep commitment to our mission; someone who sees investment as a means to solve tough problems, not as an end in itself. 
  • Exceptional coaching skills and unparalleled leadership ability. 
  • Strong functional and operational understanding: Deft interpersonal and influencing skills. Exceptional and creative analytical capability.
  • Core commitment to good governance and ethical business practices. Extensive and relevant networks in emerging markets private equity and business operations. World-class storytelling. 

In addition, the following skills would be required:

  • Strong academic background at masters level in Finance or International Relations including an exceptional understanding of investment vehicles and structures;
  • Experience in creating and managing/supervising teams of highly experienced individuals;
  • Experience in leading the work to create and manage important partnerships, fund raising, investor/shareholder relations, and communications; and 
  • Exceptional engagement skills, with both written and verbal communication skills in French and English

The leadership role at SouthBridge would allow the candidate to leverage their extensive knowledge about Africa, to use their expertise to build bridges between global investors and local demands for investment.


The remuneration package includes salary, medical benefits, insurance and a reasonable performance related bonus.

Application procedures

Please submit applications to the Human Resources Manager