SouthBridge and BADEA give a clean breathing chance to the Earth

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SouthBridge and BADEA give a clean breathing chance to the Earth


Tuti Island, Sudan (April 10th, 2023) – BADEA and SBI boosting the climate change game through an innovative approach to finance to restore and reforest Africa via engaging communities, businesses and countries.

At Al-Morgan spot where the White Nile and Blue Nile meet and merge… They have journeyed far. Born in the thick forests of the Ruzizi valley, filled out in Lake Victoria, the White Nile makes it to the rendez-vous at Al-Mogran. There it embraces the Blue Nile, which debuted its long journey from the highland forests at the head of the Rift valley in Lake Tana.

The two Niles flow literally from the lungs of the earth to the mouth of the earth, joining to form the longest river in the world: the Nile.

Just as these two Niles unite to form the mighty Nile from the humble breaths of the trees in Africa’s great forest and highland landscapes, exiting eventually into the Mediterranean Sea, so do we celebrate Africa’s fantastic contribution and effort towards the fight against climate change.

To symbolize this journey of the Nile waters, and honor the value of reforestation and land restoration, the Vumbuzi team is planting trees at Al-Morgan on Sunday 9th April 2023.

In responding to this news, Sean DeWitt, Director for the Global Restoration Initiative at the World Resources Institute (WRI) said “we are enthusiastic to collaborate with Southbridge, BADEA and AFR100 to make this dream a reality!”

Vumbuzi is inspired by Africa’s excellence, world class innovation, and unrivaled resilience, to bring disruptive nature finance solutions to the fight for 1.5C degrees target.

“Today we plant these trees here at the junction and merge of the blue and white Nile, to signal BADEA’s commitment to climate actions, reforestation, protecting the future of our young generations and the planet! This planting also coincides with the start of the countdown to celebrate BADEA’s 50th Anniversary at its headquarters office in Khartoum” said BADEA Director General Dr. Sidi Ould Tah.

“I am very excited to be with our partner BADEA here in Al-Mogran. Planting trees here symbolises how nature, development and climate are intertwined. Doing so at the confluence of the White and Blue Nile rivers whose origins are in the Ruzizi and Rift Valley landscapes, two of the priority landscapes under the Vumbuzi program, is a good opportunity to highlight how with Vumbuzi, we are: (i) targeting community uplifting through jobs and revenue; (ii) addressing the world’s need for an innovative solution in carbon sequestration; and (iii) living our company’s values as a responsible investor and custodian of other people’s money” said SBI CEO Frannie Leautier.



SouthBridge Investments is an advisor to World Resources Institute (WRI) to set-up a forestry fund that will aim to engage public and private sector contribution in restoration projects: VUMBUZI.

The mandate includes setting up of a Foundation that would implement some key elements to support the AFR100 initiative. The fund is sponsored by the World Resource Institute (WRI) in alignment with AFR100 Initiative, a country-led effort to bring 100 million hectares of deforested and degraded landscapes across Africa into restoration by 2030. Strong efforts will be deployed to mobilized funds and to deliver a tailored solution towards land and forest restoration across the 34 countries of AFR100. A number of philanthropists and grant makers including Bezos Earth Fund will contribute capacity building, deal origination and first-loss grant funds, and WRI has contributed a grant for the structuring phase.

About BADEA:

Founded in 1974 by eighteen Arab countries, the Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa (BADEA) is a multilateral development financial institution recognized as a reputable partner in Arab–Africa cooperation. BADEA is rated Aa2/Positive outlook by Moody’s, and AA/Stable outlook by S&P Global Ratings. BADEA offers a wide array of products and services for financing development in Africa. BADEA products include loans to public and private entities that finance trade, infrastructure, agriculture, rural development, and social sectors, small and medium enterprises with special focus on women and youth, as well as grants for capacity development. BADEA 2030 strategy positions the bank as a flexible, innovative, effective, and reliable development partner in Africa’s transformation and progress towards 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), for the African Union’s Agenda 2063.

About SouthBridge Investments:

SouthBridge Investments (SBI) has been incorporated in 2020 as the investment and asset management arm of SouthBridge Group, a Pan-African advisory and investment company with offices in Abidjan, Casablanca, Kigali, London and Paris. The firm is led by seasoned professionals comprising of its founders Donald Kaberuka and Lionel Zinsou, and including its CEO Frannie Leautier, and COO Emeryc Kpenou.

SBI aims to provide a uniquely Pan-African investment service, with on the ground operating experience, and directly manages a range of investment vehicles, fully dedicated to African markets, and advise partners and clients on investment issues and opportunities on the continent. SBI’s overarching goal is to be actively involved in the realization of African potential by channeling investments to unique opportunities and differentiates itself through specific features including an unparalleled team with some of the most experienced professionals within the African investment industry, and exceptional network in Africa and across the globe, premium access to deal flow in all regions of the continent, and a strong emphasis on creating value over the long-term.

About World Resources Institute:

World Resources Institute (WRI) is a global research organization that spans more than 60 countries, with international offices in Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Mexico and the United States, regional offices in Ethiopia (for Africa) and the Netherlands (for Europe), and program offices in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Turkey and the United Kingdom. Our more than 1,700 experts and staff turn big ideas into action at the nexus of environment, economic opportunity and human well-being. More information at or on Twitter @WorldResources.

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