SouthBridge Investments announces an innovative joint venture with Charles Kié as a CEO.

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SouthBridge Investments announces an innovative joint venture with Charles Kié as a CEO.

Mauritius, March 1st 2021 – SouthBridge Investments (SBI) and New African Capital Partners  (NACP) are proud to announce the launch of their joint venture: SBNA. 

SBNA will act as a “permanent capital fund” aiming to attract investors who take a long-term  view on Africa. The joint venture intends to directly invest in Africa’s future with long-term  capital, focusing on FinTech, the financial sector integration, and micro and meso finance.  

Charles Kié, CEO and co-founder of New African Capital Partners, will head SBNA. His professional  career has included top jobs at Citibank, Banque Atlantique, Ecobank and AFC (Africa Finance  Corporation), before co-founding NACP in October 2018 with Paulo Gomes. 

The financial sector remains critically important to the continent’s development. Long-term  capital, modernization, and investor commitment are key to the transformation of one of the  world’s most promising banking markets.  

With a substantial rate of return, the financial sector is set to attract more flows and generate  many more opportunities. In this particular area, SBNA wishes to focus on digitalization, inclusion  and sustainable finance. Efficiency and technology are expected to open the banking system to  the millions of people who deserve and need it. 

To fulfill these goals, SBNA brings together African know-how, strong financial, banking and  technology skills, experience and knowledge. The joint venture will leverage this outstanding  human capital and market knowledge to be a truly pan-African endeavor dedicated to Africa’s  growth and integration. 

SouthBridge Investments (SBI) is the investment arm of SouthBridge Group. It was incorporated  in 2020 and represents a major commitment to invest directly in Africa’s future. SBI will focus  particularly on asset management and fund management in the areas of finance, manufacturing  and industry, SMEs, with a particular impact on women entrepreneurship, sustainable  development and green business.  

Senior Partner Dr. Frannie Léautier heads SouthBridge Investments as its CEO. She has previously  held senior leadership roles in prestigious international organizations such as the World Bank,  African Development Bank and Trade and Development Bank. 

This joint venture, SBNA, is a milestone for SouthBridge and NACP in their goal of deploying  ambitious investment structures dedicated to Africa.

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